2 FAR SOUTH – 2 Far South- Audio

2 FAR SOUTH is a new Swedish alt-rock duo.



There are only a couple of songs around, which early indicators suggest are to become part of their already planned début LP.

The most recent track, which surfaced yesterday, is eponymously named. A margin over three minutes reveal which has an enticing flatness to it, giving it a retrospective of early ’90s stoner with its slightly trippy undertow.

News arrives that 2 FAR SOUTH are set to play their first live performance on the 21st of April at Klubb Casa in Hässleholm, Sweden – if you happen to be in the vicinity – those of us who are not will have to await to discover more music by a duo, which on the basis of the foundations of what little there is around, I look forward to featuring again later in the year.


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