Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 ) – Mangez – EP Review

It was back in September I introduced the China based outfit Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 ), they have just released an EP.

Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 ) - Mangez

Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 ) – Mangez

It may seem extravagant to title a one track release as an EP, however the nineteen and a quarter minutes of Mangez justifies the billing.

Originally intended as part of an LP, Death To Ponies elected to release the intended hour and a half double album as three EPs. Mangez being the second of the release series.

The extended psychedelic piece takes the listener on a journey of sound and imagination as the quartet combine electronic instrumentation, drums, vocal and dreamy synthetics. Although a track of three distinct parts, much like a play at the theatre, Mangez is best delivered in one sitting where nothing seems extraneous.

My advice, head over to bandcamp, pay what you like and add this to your playlist for those reflective moments.

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Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 )

Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 ) from Shanghai in China is the psychedelic rock collaboration between Ivan Belcic (Drums / Vocals) and Nichols (Bass / Vocals / Trombone ) both of Death To Giants and Clement Pony (Roland SH101) and Raphael Valensi (MicroKorg / Vocals) both of Acid Pony Club.

Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 ) - psychedelic rock from China

Death To Ponies ( 小马之死 )

The combination of the experimental rock of Death to Giants combining with the electronic wizardry of  Acid Pony Club brings to the audience an intensive immersion in mind bending sounds. This is not material to take a brief glimpse around as the sounds immediately challenge the preconceptions demanding of full attention.

For certain it wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is worthy of consideration and making the effort to investigate as the quartet take recognizable shapes and distort them into hallucinogenic capsules that distort perception and time. Tracks regularly extend to over ten minutes as Death To Ponies rework the reference points in ever expanding loops of distortion.

There is no attempt to soften the journey being proffered as the ears and senses are pummelled in an unceasing wall of noise that is intended to discombobulate and achieves its objective with nerve-racking intensity. One could imagine this being used in torture chambers of sensory overload and I highly recommend you take the journey of discovery with Death To Ponies and feel your head bleeding dry.

I offer you another Marmite discovery and personally I like Marmite for its very unpalatability.

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