Pollens – $​$​$​_PSA – Single Review

The US abstractionist duo Pollens release the single $​$​$​_PSA on the 9th.



A back catalogue of releases dating back to 2011 are very well worth taking time to explore and it is only a sadness it has taken this long for me to get around to introducing their avant-garde creativity.

Prior to hitting play on the latest release, which is available on bandcamp, put away all expectations of musical construct and allow the almost four and a half minutes of $​$​$​_PSA to guide you in to a well of fleeting thoughts tentatively held together by laces which untie as rapidly as the ideas surface and trust Pollens to not take you to experiences too far or uncomfortable.

Voices, electronica, instrumentation and percussion all pile in to the room as though jostling with brightly coloured soft cushions and the audience, rather than becoming jarred, finds their body joining in with the angularity of sound with a sense unexpected meditative calmness spreading through the mind.

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