Matt Carson (Guitar), Clinton Bell (Vocals), Chris Dickinson (Guitar / Vocals), Brendan Coyle (Bass) and Owen Bradley (Drums) from Auckland in New Zealand is the rock band Tablefox.

Tablefox - Rock from New Zealand


Like skilled archers on battlefield flexing bows and shooting arrows Tablefox deliver music that plies its way into the heart in a volley that has the audience in paroxysms of ecstasy. The two guitars enable the quintet to deliver an intensity of fixation akin to satiating any long standing chocolate addict with the melting rush of body temperature melt.

The aural choreography minds of a Petipa ballet choreography as Tablefox syncopate rhythm and melody with bass, percussion and guitars floating effortlessly between each other with the vocal not seeking to become the spotlight, rather a fleeting shadow which the ears follow around the evolving landscape.

Tablefox is undoubtedly comprised of able musicians, what is of more import is that they have remained true to their direction of travel, which in the crowded market-place of melodious rock is an over-populated space, but to me they are well above shoulder high and it is only a sadness their undoubted abilities are not yet far more widely recognised. With fortune their début LP Objects, set for release on the 20th will allow them far wider space to be discovered.

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