Tablefox – Under A Broken Smile – Video

The New Zealand synth rock band Tablefox released the single Under A Broken Smile today.

Tablefox - Under a Broken Smile - artwork

Tablefox – Under a Broken Smile – artwork

Time-zones sometimes play havoc with reviews – I am writing this on the 24th here in the UK for publication schedule on what is as I type – tomorrow the 25th – but it is already the 25th in New Zealand and by the time this scheduled publication is publicly available it will already be the 26th in New Zealand – but enough of those conundrums…

Pared back from the members of the band mentioned in the initial review last year from the quintet to what is now a core trio Tablefox have nonetheless been able to impact more layers of texture in which the brain can engorge itself.

The distinctive new-romantics influences adorn the room on hitting play in the approaching three and a half-minutes of the track – those of us of older bones are transported straight into The Blitz and although retrospective of the ’80s has a timeless resonance that suits as well 2016 as 1980.

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