Table Scraps – Sick Of Me – Single Review

Table Scraps is an English garage-rock trio.

Table Scraps

Table Scraps

Never seeking to complicate their music; which is always of snarling derision marked by fused chords of guitar, bass which is so angry with itself the strings rebound against themselves and a drum-kit which threatens to walk off stage given half a chance and in the A side and title track Sick Of Me a vocal which is able to spit the vitriol so far through the speakers that the listener can feel the warm spittle spraying across the face –  I know you are anticipating I will be suggesting – turn up the volume loud to welcome them in to the room – you are right.

The instrumental B side Mequinenza, for very different reasons, is more than deserving on contemplation too as the compression of bass, guitar and percussion fuse in an amalgam of contemptuous amorphism which rolls through the room akin to a sewerage farm discarding slurry, thereby – self-evidently – making this my pick of the release.

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Sick of Me – Single – Table Scraps is available on iTunes.*

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