t.r. hand & Glauber K.S. – Culture Working – Audio

The duo of t.r. hand from England and Glauber K.S from Brazil collaborated to release the minimalist drone EP Suburban Solitude today.

t.r. hand

t.r. hand

As you would anticipate the five track EP, which is available on bandcamp, is not a case study in brevity, lasting as it does for approximately seventy four minutes.

There is an imaginative experimentalism to the release as varieties of piano, guitar, electronica and field sound recordings are fused in to an immersive soundscape in which to harmonise the flow of the mind and allow it to, akin to an unpaired electron, dimerize with the music ultimately forming a covalent bond.

Glauber K.S.

Glauber K.S.

Culture Working, which lasts for precisely twenty minutes, is the middle track.

websitet.r. hand

social media page Glauber K.S.

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