Swanky Tiger

Swanky Tiger from New York in the USA is the alt-rock quartet of Oliver Myles Mashburn (Vocals / Guitar), Will Rockefeller (Guitar), Mike Glendening (Bass / Synth) and Connor Crawford (Drums).

Swanky Tiger - alt-rock from the USA

Swanky Tiger

There is delightful under-current which minds of Melpomene as Swanky Tiger deliver a sound which is full of the trials of the daily grind of life. The under-stated tracks burble with tumult and it is the way in which the quartet is able to express the thoughts within a rumbling tempestuousness that gives the music its powerful presence.

The bass stokes the underbelly of discontent with its clear definitions within the tracks, as the guitars fill in the pixels to which the percussion rattles like a sabre. A subtle synth adds a depth of texture whilst a morose tone in the vocal brings the material together coherently. It would have been very easy for Swanky Tiger to have raised the volume and sped up the tempo, but by concentrating far more on the structure of the compositions they have been able to provide the audience with music that has a far more expressive and therefore forceful impact.

The music itself translates well across national boundaries and I look forward to hearing much more by Swanky Tiger in the future.

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