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The Russian alt-rock quartet Svetoten are set to release the LP The Guide, The Stalker And The Haunter on the 17th.

Светотень (Svetoten)

Светотень (Svetoten)

Svetoten utilise a subtly placed synth to give their rock derived tracks an expansive flow of sound, which they are able to switch from compressed furrows to undulating dunes.

The first track to surface from the album – Lost In Space, which is also available on bandcamp, discovers the quartet in a gliding moment of thermal flow as guitars are given free reign to envelop the listener in meandering contemplation, whilst simultaneously, the electronics are given greater wingspan than is typical. The bristling bass and percussion ensure Svetoten retain a lead-weight gravitational pull in Lost In Space and although the side-channels are allowed to flourish they are equally tamed ensuring the piece doesn’t become an oxbow lake and the listener is not left with a soliloquy of extravagance.

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