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The English electro-rock quintet Suzerain release the LP Identity on the 27th of May.



From the forthcoming album – Always – has been made available in advance of the release. Reminding of ’70s bands such as ELO, Suzerain have stripped the tracks of the extended meanderings of ’70s rock and reshaped it to a slice of sound manageable in the ’10s where brevity and sense of direction is more in-tune with the times.

That isn’t to say that what remains is only a stripped skeleton as they manage to inject with flourishes, which settle in to the natural flow. Instruments switching in and out of focus allows Always to have the sense of a mountain stream slowing down and speeding up as a channel is carved from the geological formations.

After a four year gap since their last (début) LP Midnight In The Drawn City, the release of Identity will allow their established audience the opportunity to refresh the catalogue and for those new to the band a decent foothold on where Suzerain currently stand.


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