Surrounded By Thieves

Rich Castro (Drums), Eric Laux (Bass), Brandon Buck (Vocals) and Eric Raleigh (Guitar) from Las Vegas in the USA form the new-wave outfit Surrounded By Thieves.

Surrounded By Thieves - new-wave from the USA

Surrounded By Thieves

Charging through the speakers in a maelstrom of frustration Surrounded By Thieves deliver uncompromising music to accompany the affronted lyric. Songs speak of social injustice, whilst maintaining an equilibrium of self determination, which gives the overall out-put a positivity of making a change within the chaotic surroundings.

In the same vein, the instruments are deployed to deliver ear-splitting confrontation as percussion and bass demoniacally hurtle waves of sound and suddenly out of the blue rises a melodic twist of guitar virtuoso. Surrounded By Thieves are able to balance the walk between abject rage and considered fortitude which gives them an interesting positioning.

Perhaps these seemingly polar contemplatives comes about from personal experiences of life in finding a way to negotiate the barriers along the way as they are equally not offering easy answers to the questions they pose.

An LP their eponymously named eleven track came out last week and is well worth getting hold of as it trammels the incongruence of  life.


Surrounded by Thieves – Surrounded By Thieves is available on iTunes*.

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