Surrender The Sun

Surrender The Sun from Sydney in Australia is the rock band of GessShaneLuke and Navs who made a brief video introduction back in December.

Surrender The Sun - Rock from Australia

Surrender The Sun

The floor rattles as the percussion powers out of the speakers as Surrender The Sun appear in the room. The quartet they have much to offer, as they combine thumping bass and drums, which combine with melodic captivating guitar and a mesmeric vocal. You just feel the need to reach for the old leather jacket and get involved.

By giving themselves room within compositions Surrender The Sun is able to deliver a sound that is far more than the sum of the parts and their forthcoming LP –  TAURI should be well worth adding to the collection. With a penchant for extended tracks, the quartet have a progressive feel without it all becoming self-indulgent meaning that the audience is left wanting to hear another few bars.

With a couple of years behind them Surrender The Sun has been able to establish an easy connection between the players, which will undoubtedly add to the strength of live performance. On recording the compositions are not over-produced, which also enables listeners from a distance to feel connected to the musicians. By allowing the tracks to run, the quartet are able to create vivid story-lines within the tracks whilst retaining a sense of direction to hold the attention.

Even were it not for the same style of microphone as is used in our logo – appearing at twenty four seconds in the video below – you see how easily I am swayed – I would still enjoy their latest available track.


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  1. These guys are F***ing awesome 😀 have been following STS (and geminine) for years. Such a talented and humerus bunch of good hearted people. Bass face says it all 😛

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