From Colchester in England surface SURGE an indie-rock band formed of George King, Alan Jones, Billy Fenton and David Smyth.

SURGE - indie-rock from England


Getting together in April of this year SURGE have established a local presence, which is expanding like ripples across a pond with their intensely packed songs. Although I have only had the opportunity to take a listen to four of their tracks, the brief journey in sound finds the quartet able to deliver both acoustic tipped tenderness and tightly strung temper, both with equal aplomb.

SURGE are able to create, in the audience, a feeling of ‘life is good’ as their catchy sounds skittle around the room. It will come as no surprise to regular readers, that I enjoy the quartet most, when they are crack-along mood, when to my view they really come to life.

Set for release on the 14th of September is the two track single LOVEBLOOD, the B side of which I Don’t Know What You Think About Love, surfaced a few hours ago.

SURGE is a band to get to know in their early sages of development and I look forward to being able to follow their progress over the coming years, as they have much to add to the richness of the world of music.


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