Surfwax – Solid Foods – Single Review

The US angst-rock trio Surfwax released the single Solid Foods on the 11th.

Surfwax - Solid Foods

Surfwax – Solid Foods

Although having been around for less than a year Surfwax have sought to balance both live performances with continual releases for those unable to get to their shows and Solid Foods (available on bandcamp) is the fourth track to appear over the past four months in three releases.

As they are still in developmental stages each track has a slightly different feel though always compacted within hard hitting bass that pulses off the walls. In Solid FoolsSurfwax deliver a just over three minute track that has a menacing undercurrent with guitar being given an extended run out to lighten the mood momentarily about half-way through the song prior to percussion and bass closing in again encasing the composition in darkness as the intense vocal hurls its frustrations, like an ice-pick, through the inner ear and straight into the listeners cerebral cortex.

I enjoyed Surfwax when I first came across their path, Solid Foods enhances my enthusiasm for a trio I hope will be around for many a year to come.

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