Surf Bored – Black And Blue – Audio

The US garage rock project of Ryan HartmanSurf Bored releases the LP Sweet Dreams on the 1st of October.

Surf Bored

Surf Bored

When you are feeling phased by the day Surf Bored is space in which to nestle to gather up all the frayed edges as the lazily ploughed seeds scatter around the room and it immediately blooms in shoots of comforting foliage in which to chew on the rising plumage.

The nine track (if you purchase the Cassette) just under half an hour album (or just a tad under three minutes shorter eight track if you prefer the digital version) – available on bandcamp needs midi – midi – midi – to explore to fullest extent as when high hits top note it will sheer the tweeters from their fixings, on loud sub-woofers the delicacy of the upper registers will be lost in a cloud of plume and with extraneous volume it all excites the cement more than is necessary. The opening track on whichever version you purchase is Black And Blue.

I get the feeling that Crafted Sounds – the distribution label will be featured more prominently in due course and I thank Connor Murray for sending me the pre-release material – though once again – it wasn’t easy for a label to get over the barrier.

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