Superfecta is Andy Urwin (Vocals), Danun Todd (Guitars), Junior (Drums) and  Max D Pinto (Bass) a rock band from London in England.

Superfecta - EP artwork

Superfecta – EP artwork

Well delivered spacey guitar riffs encase the classical big stage rock sounds that define Superfecta. They are also able to let the audience get out the air guitars to join in with faster anthemic rock numbers.

A couple of years behind them, the quartet have developed in to fine musicians and there is nothing to criticise about the studied output yet, as you know, it is the very fact of that flawless radio friendly delivery that I struggle to find a heart and soul which seems to have been ironed out along with all the other creases, but as always, that is just me and shouldn’t put you off as Superfecta have worked hard to get their songs sounding as they do.

They chose to spend a year focussing on rehearsal and live performance before hitting the studio this year to produce their debut EP – the eponymous four track release which came out yesterday. Even the artwork sets the tone of the considered nature of the band as this is part of a storyline as yet undisclosed.

I have much time for these guys and raise my hat to their hard work but – too ‘perfect’ or just Superfecta? Time will tell and I will leave you to be the judge.


Superfecta – EP – Superfecta is available on iTunes*.

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