Surfacing from New York in the USA the indie band of Sunshiner centred around Rich Michelson (Guitar / Vocals), Evan Fazziola (Guitar / Vocals), Dylan Carey (Drums) and on Bass either Andrew Rizzo – recording or Frank Casio – live.

Sunshiner - indie from the USA


There is an autumnal feel to the slightly chilly intertwining sounds of Sunshiner as they deliver a sound of circumspection of the space surrounding them, but rather than implode into an anxious moment of reflection they seek to clear away the leaves to reveal the last vestiges of summer.

One echoing guitar sits within another reverberating guitar to give the out-put a fluffy pillow on which the head can rest in comfort, whilst percussion and bass stir the sheets and blanket leaving the body less rested. It is this discombobulation of calmness and unease which gives the out-put a resonance that intrigues the casual listener and engages their developing fan base.

Having thrown out a few ideas over the past couple of years Sunshiner have taken a grip on the idea that they have something to add to the world of music and a début four track EP – entitled EP (available on bandcamp) was released on the 24th.

I am taking a forward punt here – but until Sunshiner engage a full-time bass player they still won’t take their material too seriously as the four / five stringer is an essential element of their sound.

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