Sunny Gang

Nate Hitchcock (Vocals), Chris Bacchus (Guitar / Vocals), Joe Sap (Bass / Vocals) and Marshal (Drums) form the new-wave outfit Sunny Gang from Newark in the USA.

Sunny Gang - new-wave from the USA

Sunny Gang

Before you reach for the play button – stand up and shift the furniture out of the way –  Sunny Gang hurtle into the room with an infectious abandon that will find you with flailing limbs. It was a year ago that Joe dropped me an email, which sadly has lain dormant until now, my apologies Joe and to you for not getting to this sooner.

On the positive side since the introduction Sunny Gang, in their two subsequent songs, have been able to been able to find a sound that has even more global reference. Not loosing the hip-hop roots the music has nonetheless become more inclusive with emphasis placed more on the texture of the song than the music sitting as backdrop to vocal and resultingly become more ferocious.

Percussion and bass form the raging spine of the work around which vocal and guitar can explore the minutiae allowing Sunny Gang to deliver a blistering attack whilst still maintaining their structure and allow the listener to concentrate only on not loosing their own footing, knowing that the tracks will not disappoint.

How could I not suggest taking time to get to know a band with such an ironic name?


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