Sunken Seas – Seesaw / Cataclysm – Video

It was just before the New Year that I introduced Sunken Seas from New Zealand.

Sunken Seas - Seesaw / Cataclysm

Sunken Seas

Taken from the four track EP – Cataclysm (which is available on iTunes*) Sunken Seas have set two tracks to a new video. Seesaw and Cataclysm to a brief film of the tale of one man from boredom to terminal depression.

I raise my hat to the guys in the band who have set an interpretation to their sounds with such effective visualisation. As someone who doesn’t enjoy films, this is a short I do suggest taking just over twelve minutes out of your day to watch, with it’s powerful imagery and delightful music.

Available for streaming as both High Definition and regular viewing. I am aware that most of the readers of the website are not in locations where very fast internet connections exist – so to ensure that you can see the video without buffering – if the HD (at the bottom right of the video) is in Blue – click it, which will turn off HD – to give you a smoother stream.

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