Sunflower Bean – Easier Said – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Sunflower Bean release the LP Human Ceremony on the 5th of February.

Sunflower Bean - Human Ceremony - artwork

Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony – artwork

The dreamy electro back-drop is layered with showers of glittering guitar giving Easier Said, the fourth of the ten tracks on the LP, a psychedelic-shoegaze flavour. The pin-point percussion stands as a delightful counterpoint to the instrumentation and the subsumed bass adds touches of shadow, whilst the echo to the vocal gives the sense that it is appearing from in the clouds, rounding out a track that will have you playing air drums whilst laying relaxed as the music washes over the ears.

An intensive touring schedule from the 2nd of February through to the 9th of April across parts of Europe, dipping into Canada and across much of the USA will, with fortune, see Sunflower Bean attract the wider audience their music deserves.

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Human Ceremony – Sunflower Bean is available on iTunes.*

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