Sun Stone Revolvers

Drone-rock courtesy of Sebastian Diaz-MolaroLavien Lee and John McKinnon from Toronto in Canada who make-up Sun Stone Revolvers.

Sun Stone Revolvers - drone-rock from Canada

Sun Stone Revolvers

Humming like a rack of servers the music saws around the room in a hushed fuse of languid distortion as Sun Stone Revolvers deliver their version of the tetchy teenager monosyllables that is better known as Drone-rock. An incredibly difficult style of music to deliver successfully, as the very nature of the beast is to sound bored with it all. Being able to do that whilst capturing the attention of the audience for more than a fleeting moment is no easy task.

Sun Stone Revolvers are able to do more than that, they actually make you wish there was more to hear. Meandering guitars are displayed in a haze of frowning sound, whilst the percussion adds the grimace and to round it off, the vocal adds the petulance, yet it somehow all comes together in a fascinating mesmeric soundtrack which feeds its way into the very soul of the audience.

Time flows past uncounted as the band takes the listener on a carpet ride of psychedelic rock that plays gently with the mind. They are not straining to take the listener to the obscure edges of their imagination rather transport them on a gentle journey of space and trance, which Sun Stone Revolvers do superbly.

Their recent 10 track release Spaceship X which is available on iTunes* is a good place to get to know the band.


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