Summon The Octopi

Summon The Octopi is the experimental musician Marc Vogler from Berlin in Germany.

Summon The Octopi - Experimentalism from Germany

Summon The Octopi

For those of longer memory and a passing interest in football, you will recall the Octopus ‘Paul’ in Oberhausen who predicted World Cup results throughout the 2010 championships and here we find the roots of Summon The Octopi, not only in name derivation, but a smartly played allegory as Marc delves one hand after the other into the music box and finds strands which hang, like seaweed drifting in the tides, in obtuse angles of mesmeric curls.

Drifting between undertows of powerful current lay lighter streams, as, Summon The Octopi keeps the mind engaged with an ever shifting seascape of conflicting instrumentation. Yet… inside all of the confabulation lays a seam of continuity and it is well worth setting time aside to investigate.

Reflectivity of ’70s rock anthems coexist with the chaos of three chord wonders and interspersing sit nuances of folk, giving Summon The Octopi the ability to turn the mind inside out -akin to taking off a protective glove.

This is music to take in large draughts as the more you explore, the more you will be enthralled.

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