Sultry Sounds of the Underground

Sultry Sounds of the Underground is the alt-rock quartet of Joe Larson (Vocals), Andrew Rose (Guitar / Vocals), Jordan Nicoletti (Drums) and Chris Arndt (Bass) from Salem, Wisconsin, in the USA.

Sultry Sounds of the Underground

Sultry Sounds of the Underground

Formed just over a year ago Sultry Sounds of the Underground deliver music which spreads its footprint widely. From distorted maths-rock to progressive rock via blues-rock you will find it all contained within the remit. The commonality of thread is angularity and extended tracks which range from just over four minutes to the thick-end of seven. Whilst variable in style however they serve the coffee it is not immediately fresh on the palate as the bitter dregs swirl around the room, making them a band who will not appeal to everyone by any-means.

The distorted harmonics of the vocal which delivers the lyrics will either entice or repel as it gives the already bristling instrumentation even greater discordance and unsurprisingly an out-put I do enjoy for its very point of difference.

Their début four track EP Catharsis was released last month and well worth adding for those moments when you are feeling particularly at odds with the environment of the day.

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Catharsis – EP – Sultry Sounds of the Underground is available on iTunes.*

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