SubRosa from Salt Lake City from the USA is the doom-rock quintet of Rebecca Vernon (Guitar / Vocals), Sarah Pendleton (Violin / Vocals), Kim Pack (Violin / Vocals), Levi Hanna (Bass) and Andy Patterson (Drums).

SubRosa - doom-rock from the USA


Shimmering out of the speakers, the strings are the highlight of SubRosa, as the enthralling sounds waft about the room in a stream of vastitude. Lengthy tracks – many running up towards the quarter of an hour mark do not leave the listener in a glaze of glassy eye. Underscoring the compositions are fevered brows of excoriating expositions.

SubRosa is able to extrapolate aromas which drift around the room in lugubrious apothecary and the audience in drawn into the spacious conjectures.  Of particular delight is: The violin; (uncredited) Pianoforte and; Wind instruments, which as regular readers know I have a hankering to hear, provides many of the tracks with a ghostly tincture. There is a contemplative resonance to the sounds that gently wrap themselves into the consciousness of the listener as the quintet deliver their rumbling textures which score the mind as percussion and vocal add the finesse to the orchestration.

With their last release appearing back in 2013, I look forward to hearing more new material in the near future.


More Constant Than the Gods – Subrosa is available on iTunes*

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