Stranger The Horse – Emanuel Desperado – Audio

The Danish world-fusion quintet Stranger The Horse released the LP Play It On The Tannoys on the 20th.

Stranger The Horse

Stranger The Horse

Creating music which is marked by its rolling rhythms the listener is minded of watching a horse in easy gait elegantly traversing a dusty plain.

The eight track album (available on bandcamp) is a highly impressive cohesion of latin-dance, roots and world-beat which is knitted in to a fabric of transfixing melodies and harmonies as the guitars, hazy keys and pivoting bass form the skeleton, with the percussion delivering the supple musculature while the vocal affords the flexible skin – in to which the audience becomes immersed by the natural organics of the movements of the music, that has a mood enhancing uplifting presence.

The penultimate track is Emanuel Desperado.


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