Strangely Attractive – Extraordinary – Single Review

Within the past few hours the US alt-rock quartet Strangely Attractive revealed the song Extraordinary.

Strangely Attractive - photo credit - Warren Difranco

Strangely Attractive – photo credit – Warren Difranco

Strangely Attractive and Extraordinary it is too.

Pulsing percussion breaks open the speakers and having burst open the dam a flood of guitar, vocal and bass breach in to the room in a tumbril, quickly composing themselves to a quantrail of quatrain which aligns itself around the the distinct voice that purrs through the room leaving the listener enrobed in furry guitar and sharp clawed bass as Strangely Attractive in Extraordinary find the audience reaching arms to embrace the rushing flow and savour each bar as it passes.

I have little doubt I will be back with more of Strangely Attractive in due course.


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