Strangely Alright

Residing in Seattle in the USA you will find Regan Lane (Vocals / Guitar), Sean Van Dommelen (Guitar / Vocals), Ken Schaff (Bass), Raymond Hayden (Keys) and Jason Bair (Drums) who form the synth-rock band Strangely Alright.

Strangely Alright - Photo credit Bill Bungard

Strangely Alright – Photo credit Bill Bungard

Easy lilting tracks are cinched by a powerful undertow of lower registers and a percussion which hurries along the music turning it into well tempered rock driven beats which engage the listener. Strangely Alright are not seeking to change the axis of the world, rather adding to the impetus of fluctuation, something which they do with alacrity.

Floating synths are held to the ground by the tempo, as are guitars. Whilst they are given room to expand their themes they are never allowed to disappear out of sight, retaining a relevance to the progressions of the tracks as the vocal takes the part of the circling hawk to discourage any extravagant flights of fancy. It is the ability of the quintet to restrain conceptualisation within tightly framed numbers which gives Strangely Alright their appeal and giving them a base which can range from the psychedelic tinged to Brit ’60s Blues rock.

Strangely Alright deliver music to add to the ‘friends over for evening’ playlist, where they add a sonic point of reference.


Paint Outside the Lines – Single – Strangely Alright is available on iTunes.*

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