Strange Majik

Strange Majik is a US rock’n’blues project of David Pattillo from New York in the USA.

Strange Majik - photo credit - Cristina Arrigoni Photography

Strange Majik – photo credit – Cristina Arrigoni Photography

With much in the catalogue Strange Majik never lets down the listener as the scruffy blues scours across the room like a vole seeking a burrow as the skittish combinations of oil soaked rags and curling guitars scatter through the ears lifting the legs in to dance mode.

With many a selection of songs to choose from I highlight from the eleven track, just under three quarters, of an hour album Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll (available on bandcamp) that came out last year which does exactly as it promises on the the tin. Vintage dirty blues rock ‘n’ roll tumbles out of the speakers and the listener can feel a carpeting of sawdust developing under their feet.

Best heard in frayed jeans with a bourbon to hand – my selection of the catalogue is Cocaine Kisses – if you aren’t jiving along at some point – there is a distinct possibility you are reading the wrong music review site and I serve this as an introduction of a project I look forward to coming back to again in the near future.


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