Stop The Wheel – Shape Up – Video

The Irish straw-roots project Stop The Wheel are due to release the three track single Too Old For This Shit on the 20th.

Stop The Wheel - Too Old For This Shit - artwork

Stop The Wheel – Too Old For This Shit – artwork

Shape Up, the opener – on hitting play you will sense the panic arising in your own mind as contemplating of a world in which to not be of the 1% is to be of the scrounging class and wonder how you can ever live up to what is expected by socio-capitalism as no matter what you do – you will always be a slave to the wage, unless you figure out how to Stop The Wheel.

By surface tension the track actually metes of the temerity of striking relationships. However, as I often mention; Music, is to be interpreted, as we each find it in our hearts and we will each distil from an exemplary composition that which first befalls and as a regular reader you would anticipate as one who understands my perspective of the world as an anarcho-capitalist I can inflect from a tale of a temerarious ‘love song’ a moment of political agitation. Of those who are new, a song of quiet fragility – reinterpreted as a call to arms.

Shape Up, taken from Too Old For This Shit (available on Little Gem) is a track which threads from quiet acceptance, to consternation of proposition, developing to a conflict of angular flows as vocals drift out of time evolving into clashing quaternion evocations as formulated by the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton, prior to collapsing into a heap of dried out wheat as the threshing scythe cuts away the lifeblood.

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