Stony Browder Jr. – Strike – Video

The agit-funk project Stony Browder Jr. is from England.

Stony Browder Jr. - The Whole Circus - artwork

Stony Browder Jr. – The Whole Circus – artwork

From the four track EP plus two remixes The Whole Circus, the opening track spins around the room in world-beat commentary of the mores of the ’10s.

As those of longer stay, my anarcho-capitalist view of the world is not unknown and there is an inevitability Strike would catch my attention. The music soars around the room as though carried on an ironic gilded throne as the luscious warming bass heats up the toes whilst an iconoclastic lyric spears the dead-fish in the water.

Stony Browder Jr. is able to wrap Strike in luxurious textures of melodic guitar / electronic syncopation which lulls the ears into a sense of calmness, prior to launching a diatribe of societal contemplative.


The Whole Circus – Stony Browder, Jr. is available on iTunes.*

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