StoneThief an alt-rock band from London in England is Lee Fletcher (Vocals / Guitar), Antonio Ramirez (Lead Guitar), Antonio Manuel (Bass) and Paul Douglas (Drums).

StoneThief - alt-rock from England


Utilising the two guitars StoneThief is able to take a progressive rock concept and add some entertaining new wave chords which they define in a more tempered melodious format to deliver a sound which is refreshingly contemporary. The delivery is smartly attired, but there are frayed edges to the jackets, which gives the material something with which the audience can get to grips.

The vocal, on initial play, seems somewhat out of context, but let the music flow and it merges into the landscape adding a defining storytelling, whilst guitars float through the tracks. Bass and percussion hold the compositions in a solid frame allowing the whole sound of StoneThief to permit the strings to paint the images.

A year and a half or so behind them the quartet were able to put out a ten track eponymous LP in the latter part of 2013 in addition to an EP – That Look which has afforded them the opportunity to define their out-put. After working hard building a profile in the local circuit it appears that a few more doors are already opening for StoneThief in 2014 and I wish them all the best.


StoneThief – StoneThief is available on iTunes*

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