Sticks And Stones

Sticks And Stones from Dumfries in Scotland is the alt-folk trio of Aiden Halliday (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Kick-Drum), Angus Bruce (Keys) and Peter Wall (Lead Guitar).

Sticks And Stones - Into The Wild - artwork and track list

Sticks And Stones – Into The Wild – artwork and track list

On hitting play the listener is immediately struck by the intensity of the out-put of Sticks And Stones. There is an earthy dirtiness to the sound which gives the music credence. The instrumentation serves as a back-drop to the charged vocal as the trio weave electronics and acoustics into pieces which capture the sentiment of the songs.

Even on recording one is left with a feeling that the songs are reproduced with the same emotional process as the initial concepts in the writing. Sticks And Stones vary speed of delivery to provide the connections between the unravelling storyline and the music that sears past the ears. The crescendos and fades draw in the listener to the compositions as the guitars express the turmoil and the keys give the flourishes to which an immediately recognizable vocal, that has the ability to express the sadness and frustrations, allows the band to offer a selection of songs you just want to add to your playlist.

A début LP – Into The Wild, which came out in October, through Distilled Records is a good way to get to explore Sticks And Stones.

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