Steven Lipsticks And His Magic Band

Steven Lipsticks And His Magic Band is the lo-fi-rock vehicle for Stefano Rossetti from Bologna in Italy.

Steven Lipsticks And His Magic Band - eponymous LP - artwork

Steven Lipsticks And His Magic Band – eponymous LP – artwork

Unfazed by being a solo performer Steven Lipsticks And His Magic Band bring a plethora of kit including guitars, electronics, harmonica, loops and vocal. The project is equally unharnessed by genre, with material that ranges from ’60s beat to garage psychedelia, taking much in-between.

Given the breadth you can be forgiven for thinking this must be a mash-up of disconnected sounds which, gladly, is not the case. Wherever the music twists and turns, there is a lightness of touch and simplicity of recording technique that warms the cockles of your heart.

Listening to someone who evidently enjoys trying out ideas with no preconceptions, who is able to able to deliver music you just want to hear more of, is a testament to their ability and for me Steven Lipsticks And His Magic Band is able to balance joyful abandon with cleverly constructed tracks. There is a sense of fun combined with an intriguing subtext, in tracks that range from about a minute up to approaching seven, which retains the attention.

A flurry of activity a couple of months ago, saw the release of an eponymous twelve track LP, which is available on bandcamp.

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