Steve Wilks – Iona – Video

The English electro-reggae musician Steve Wilks releases the LP Ghetto Beats on the 20th of March.

Steve Wilks

Steve Wilks

Reflective of conflicts of responsibility and obligation Iona, the lead single from the album spirals its way around the room with acerbic bass, lilting electronics and introspective lyric which more than adequately evokes of the conundrums of the world of the 1% and the reality of the 99%.

There is an innate sadness of lost connections that spirals through Iona mixed with a confused certainty of rectitude in a track that speaks for many who try to do the ‘right thing’ ending up doing the ‘wrong thing’ to either serve or usurp a societal conflict which finds many at war with themselves, resulting in an inner turmoil of a sense of hopeless inadequacy.

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