Steve Koserski

Steve Koserski from Toronto in Canada is a progressive rock music producer.

Steve Koserski - progressive rock from Canada

Steve Koserski

Flights of fancy spiral their way around the room as the sounds of Steve Koserski tumble around the room like a light display. Tracks of what seem, on reading duration, interminable length quickly flow around the brain as the music mutates from phrase to phrase. The sounds are not unattainable, but they do challenge the listener to appreciate the themes. If you take the time, you will find yourself submerged in a weave of seeming conflict, which by the time it drops to the ears coalesces into a streaming consciousness.

Not for everyone’s palate, that is for sure, but I found myself lost in the extended tracks which flow in apparently unrelated chapters until reaching the finale, where the pieces meld together, the tale told sinks to a summation and the composition forms a sharp focus of thought.

Not for a five minute run out – as in the main you won’t even be half-way through the piece, Steve Koserski offers material which requires time to ingest and as he is in no hurry to reach the conclusion, there is plenty of space to lay a while.


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