Steve James – HAERTS – Giving Up (Steve James Remix) – Audio

Living in a silo is all well and good, but sometimes it is right to break every rule by which the website exists and so we find Steve James from the USA.

Steve James

Steve James

As you know, Emerging Indie Bands doesn’t feature remixes or major label commissions – but – equally music is music and somehow – well perhaps I enjoyed the email introduction from Jay at EDMTunes – I felt it was worth having a moment to listen and I thought you may enjoy it too.

Whilst EDM does feature on occasion – this is far away from the regular fare. However even with an ego massaging email, if I didn’t think it was worth you spending a moment, I wouldn’t ask you to listen.

Turn on the strobes – don the glittery jacket and slick, push the bass to maximum boost and take just under six minutes to consider – HAERTS – Giving Up (Steve James Remix).


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