Steel Mountain

From Corner Brook in Canada emerge the gruff-rock duo of Adam Ryan (Bass / Vocals) and Shane Decker (Drums) who form Steel Mountain.

Steel Mountain - gruff-rock from Canada

Steel Mountain

No six string guitar – you are thinking this is madness, but as you well know my penchant for bass and percussion and how could I not recommend spending time with Steel Mountain. I recall in days long gone, when I got rid of the guitarist from Persons Unknown to end up with this combination – only in that combo there were three of us, as I can’t even work out which way to hold a guitar never mind play a bass and figuring out how to have feet and hands doing different timing is far beyond me, we did this formulation – we lasted two weeks before getting a new six stringer, but these two have roughed the edges for coming up to two years.

It is raw, it is scratchy, but for me it is perfect and I could live in this space for the rest of time. Steel Mountain rely on a bassist prepared to bleed each-time he gets to the four fat strings as this is not only the spine, it is also the rhythm section along with the melody and to allay that compromise drums sit heavily on steel, whilst maintaining a connection with the four skins to hand.

You would have thought in a conurbation of c20 000 Corner Brook would have elicited at least one guitarist, but of fortune it didn’t and Steel Mountain came to fruition to add immensely to the world of musical out-put.

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News arrives today (as I type on the 22nd) that Shane has left – this is unfortunate but makes no difference to the legacy. As you know over 80% of the bands I write about no longer exist two years later, though fewer than 1% have imploded before the article is published.

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