Static Yaks – Fly Into The Dark – Audio

The angsty-electro-glitch project of Jake Kairis, from the USA, known as Static Yaks released the LP Goodbye Forever on the 6th.

Static Yaks

Static Yaks

The speaker cowlings are rent aside by the acerbic sarcasm which tumbles across the room as Static Yaks plunges through the room remonstrating of the rectitude of the tumbrils of the chained being transported the guillotine in the French Revolution – with similar exactitude.

Static Yaks rails against a system of the 1% served by the 99% in the manner of a usurper channelling division – quietly and unobtrusively yet vehemently.

Goodbye Forever (available on bandcamp) is an eleven track – roughly thirty seven minutes album which is an essential add to the collection. My pick being the sixth – Fly Into The Dark.

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