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The English alt-rock outfit States Of Emotion are due to release the LP Black & White To Gold on the 15th of February.

States Of Emotion

States Of Emotion

The opening track of the dozen on the album – I Broke The Mould – sets the palette for the release.

A dank shiver descends into the room as States Of Emotion lead the listener into a cold damp cellar of a forlorn wretched Dickensian poor-house. I Broke The Mould reflects of society in which the tentative connection between the ‘have’ and the ‘have-nots’ has become an inane mantra of PR soundbites and the composition finds an intensity of cohesion with the world of England in the ’10s, where the populace is set one against the other like tortured rats in a cage for the edification of the well-heeled.

Whilst not seeking to become an overtly political vehicle, States Of Emotion are able to encapsulate a sense of melancholia that sweeps much of the world with their doleful commentary.

Black & White To Gold is most certainly an LP to add to the collection (available on Label White Room) and to be looked back on by future generations as a perspicacious reflective of the social-mores of 2016.

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