Stabby Organs – Don’t Pour Me Coffee – Audio

The Canadian alt-hop project Stabby Organs is scheduled to release the LP Danger, Cliff! in November.

Stabby Organs

Stabby Organs

The seven track album is not yet finalised in order, though it is confirmed that Don’t Pour Me Coffee will be appearing on Danger, Cliff!.

Those of longer stay will understand why the track minds me of the those who use tax avoiding dusty coffee outlets – those who are new to the site will not necessarily appreciate quite how much I despise the aspirational 99% who moan about being abused then willingly spend their slave wages for the benefit of tax scamming corporations and although Stabby Organs in this track doesn’t directly reflect of this discordance, it does scowl at the meandering morality of societal egotism.

Next time you find yourself in a Starbucks or similar remind yourself the Directors are of the 1% and refusing to pay taxation as a choice – so remember the title and state firmly – Don’t Pour Me Coffee – until you pay your fair share of taxes.

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