St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – I Still Get The Calls – Video

The Swedish pub-rock quintet St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club will be releasing the two track single I Still Get The Calls on the 20th.

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - I Still Get The Calls

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club

Although it was back in 2015 since last being featured, there have been no releases missed, gaps of two to three years in new material appearing being a feature of the band which goes back to the start of the decade.

I Still Get The Calls, the title and first of the two tracks on the single, (available via Beluga Records) discovers St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club in an upbeat rock’n’roll mood in a track that brings in to play a retrospective air surrounded by dance-inducing tempo that finds the audience joining in arms with smile wreathed faces induced by the infectious hooks and melodies.

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