From Seattle in the US surface Tariq Khan (Vocal / Guitar), Matt Wingert (Lead Guitar), Mary X (Bass) and Mike Domingo (Drums) who form the new-wave outfit SSNACKSS.

SSNACKSS - new-wave from the USA


There are bands for which you need to attempt to destroy your speakers and SSNACKSS is one of those where you need to find volume you didn’t know existed and then kick the system to make it louder still, unless your ears are bleeding you miss the whole point of the quartet.

Snarling guitars claw chunks of plaster from the walls whilst pneumatic bass excavates the flooring as vibrating percussion takes care of the ceiling, surrounded by which, a pernicious vocal stands in victorious salute of the mayhem strewn.

SSNACKSS do not deal in subtlety, rather in confrontation of a world with which they find tangential circumspection as they blast contemplation of issues in which they stand in conflict.

A couple of years into their existence they put out their début eponymous LP late last year (available on bandcamp) and are beginning to string together live performances.

I look forward to discovering more of SSNACKSS who insist on too many consonants and far to much capitalisation in their name. Though perhaps that is because I am from the UK and always prefer the understated name and the very loud music to make a point rather than being in the USA where to not shout the band name loudest is to not be heard.

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