Spring.Fall.Sea – The Man In Gold – Audio

The Thailand based electro-sludge band Spring.Fall.Sea released the EP The Seedless Fruit on the 5th.



Sprawling out of the speakers like a reveller falling out of the taxi at dawn after a weekend partying Spring.Fall.Sea deliver music full of good humour yet replete with a need for a full breakfast fry-up to energise the day ahead and one can smell the succulent scent of tomatoes warming in the pan as the bacon and sausages splutter in enticing pops and squeaks.

You may wonder how that describes my selection of the EP (available on bandcamp) the second of the five – The Man In Gold – which if you don’t party until a day later than you intended or ever cook a full-breakfast in shallow fat then still won’t make sense even after playing – though if you do – will instantly spot the relevance.


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