Spread a stoner rock band from Osasco in Brazil is Cassiano Pereira (Vocals / Guitar), Pedro Karoço (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Francisco Gomes (Drums).

Spread - Stoner rock from Brazil


Another brief article by a band with few songs available to hear. Spread challenge the speakers with their blend of power rock and fuzzed guitar, whilst a resounding percussion keeps the walls bouncing and a searing bass keeps it all connected. The vocal is subsumed within the music giving the audience plenty to get their ears around in well formulated tracks.

I can envisage Spread in live performance, where the highly energetic sounds would capture the audience, developing into a moving mass of humanity and it would be that connection between audience and musicians that has the potential to make this a fire-cracker of a band. That isn’t to say that recordings are of lesser quality, but this is music best to enjoy in the company of others.

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