Spit Shake Sisters

Spit Shake Sisters the garage rock quartet of Harrison (Guitar /Vocals), Rivers (synth / guitar / vocals), Ben (Bass / Vocals) and Zal (Drums) is from Brighton in England.

Spit Shake Sisters - garage rock from England

Spit Shake Sisters

Ignore the obvious pastiche of The Nuns and we find Spit Shake Sisters have some sounds of their own to resonate. The only sadness is they wanted to subsume themselves inside another band from before when the players were born, but on peeling back the plastic we find sounds of crawling locusts emerging from the pupae. Moving onwards….

Spit Shake Sisters send tightly knotted reflections of The Kinks swarming into the room as they gather their skirts and scuff around the floor lathering layers of dust on the audience. There is a concurrency that filters inside the retrospective to deliver music which is of its time, as dragging bass lines harpoon the six strings towards the audience, whilst in the background plays a landscape. Vocal temptations draw the listener towards the speakers.

I want to engage with Spit Shake Sisters, they need to get over being a band that was of its prime in the early ’80s, particularly when on stage they don’t don the habits they use in promotional material, if ever there was a band who needed to change their plastic profile and name –  as inside it all they are of relevance to the ’10s if only they ever get to believe it.


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