Spencer Robinson – Standing At The End Of The World – Audio

The US melancholic-rock creator Spencer Robinson released the EP Standing At The End Of The World on the 13th.

Spencer Robinson

Spencer Robinson

On hitting play the listener is immediately struck by the fact that Spencer Robinson is a musician who knows one end of a song from another and over the years he has established his credentials – which is verified by half a decade as the bassist for a garage-rock outfit – and his transition to a player of delicate balances of solo artistry with his début release is timely.

The vaguely folksy underpinning of the material gives it an honesty of approach, enhanced by the careful selection of instrumentation and pacing, enabling Spencer to create a sound that wraps the audience in a gritty realism from which they have no desire to escape, other than to ensure there is a dram or two left to imbibe – through the roughly eighteen minute, five track, release.

Standing At the End Of The World is also due for release through Solid 7 Records as a limited run cassette in January.

My pick of the release is the opener and title – Standing At The End Of The World.

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Standing at the End of the World – EP – Spencer Robinson is available on iTunes.*

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