Space Carbonara – Floating Dagger – Single Review

Space Carbonara, the rock’n’roll band from Australia, released the single Floating Dagger today.

Space Carbonara - photo by Alex Dowd

Space Carbonara – photo by Alex Dowd

A track of very different countenance to their introduction earlier in the year, Floating Dagger (available on bandcamp), bounds across the room on toe stomping blue brothel creepers as it hauls the audience on to the dance floor to jive away to the merseybeat / gothic influences of the song as the burgeoning waistline of the bass bends the sub-woofer to the beat of the busy flourishes of percussion while guitars finger across fretboard and the sparse vocal chants hypnotically.

I was enamoured previously and Floating Dagger reaffirms and strengthen my troth.

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