Sounds Of Threat

Sounds Of Threat is the new-wave Las Vegas, USA, based quintet of Jesse Young (Vocals), Amy Pate (Rhythm Guitar), Aaron Prieto (Lead guitar), Tyler Whitacre (Bass) and Chad Henley (Drums).

Sounds Of Threat - new-wave from The USA

Sounds Of Threat

Nihilism virtually smashes its way through the walls as Sounds Of Threat spit out their rages and frustrations. There is a clear line back to the likes of Crass and Dead Kennedys, so how could I not be smitten. But to think of it as an imitation would not be to do the band justice as they look at life in the 21st Century.

Barely drawing breath in the individual tracks Sounds Of Threat enunciate their frustrations and realities of life within flailing shards of sound as the instruments craw slashes of ire and an ever present percussion steamrollers its way around the room, whilst a suitably harsh voice hammers home the message.

Despite the seeming chaos of it all, Sounds Of Threat deliver far more poignantly than many musicians who spend so long getting it all ‘perfect’ that the original perspective becomes subsumed within production, whereas,  these five grab hold of their ideas and deliver them with the same conviction as the original concept.  Of more importance to me is the connection between the idea of the song and its delivery than on how well the chords hold together.

By that don’t assume Sounds Of Threat can’t put a tune together, because they can, it is that they do it with passion and conviction that marks this out as a band with much to add to the world of music.

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