Sound Mirrors – Cosmology & Longing – Audio

The English psychedelic-synth sextet Sound Mirrors released the LP spacerocketsandsunshine on the 2nd.

Sound Mirrors - photography and design by Allison Burke Photography

Sound Mirrors – photography and design by Allison Burke Photography

Although their music has a trippy undertow, there is conversely often a bouncing tempo to their output giving it an intriguing dynamic. The combinations of multifarious percussion tools, electric guitars, analogue synthetics and various voices set within the context of lofi production allows Sound Mirrors to generate songs that have weightless feeling leaving the listener sensing they are floating in outer-space whilst sipping mushroom tea, a sort of less hallucinogenic version of Hawkwind to give it reference point.

The just over fifty minutes, dozen track album (available on bandcamp) is best heard in its entirety as there is a vague narrative to the release.

By way of an introduction the eighth – Cosmology & Longing.

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