Soul Inscribed – Let Them In – Single Review

The US agit-soul sextet collective Soul Inscribed released the single Let Them In on the 26th of February.

Soul Inscribed

Soul Inscribed

Whilst themed around the divisions pervasive in the USA reflecting on that geo-political silo, this is a song with far wider global resonance in a world in which being a fanatical partiot marks as loyalty and everyone else are defacto terrorists.

Let Them In (available on bandcamp) queries why one piece of rock soaked in blood is more relevant than another while giving precendence of ownership to those with the greatest firepower rather than accepting there is only one world in which we all coexist.

With no need to scream with spittle flecked lips, in Let Them In, Soul Inscribed are able to conjoin: soul-groove; afro-reggae beat and; calm clarity of acerbic vocal – to find an international audience swaying in harmony whilst reaching out for connection with others.


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